NextEnergy NXE 250 – 400 kVA

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NextEnergy NXE


• High efficiency up to 97% in double conversion
• kW = kVA (pf 1) up to 40°C
• Transformerfree UPS
• High overload capacity
• Interactive Touch Screen
• Full front access, back to back install

Next Energy is the latest UPS series designed for mission critical applications. The three phase UPS offers transformer free double conversion technology VFI SS 111, with integrated the latest IGBT three-level design.
Next Energy is designed to meet the power requirements of tomorrow, offering the highest efficiency in the market and low running cost. Thanks to the Efficiency Control System (ECS) Next Energy also guarantees the highest levels of efficiency even at partial loads.
Its unity power factor and easy system upgrading make it the ideal solution for the business continuity of any IT application.


Model informations

For more information click on the model of the UPS and download the technical data sheet in PDF format.

NXE250 | NXE300 | NXE400

USB plugLithium compatibleTowerEco level 6VFI onlineArea EmergencyArea TransportArea IndstryArea E-medicalArea Datacentre




NextEnergy 250kVA/kW