PLC protection

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A fast-rising transient on AC power lines or data lines can upset systems logic – requiring costly shutdown to reset equipment. Replacing damaged controllers can sideline your operation indefinitely. Installed at the controller, MCG PLC-15A answers the need for compact,dependable … Read More

Sentinel Dual SDU 4 – 10 kVA

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HIGHLIGHTS • Power factor 1 kW = kVA (from SDU 5000)• Parallelable up to 3 unit• Simplified installation• Operating mode selection• High quality output voltage• High battery reliability Sentinel Dual is the best solution for powering mission critical applications and … Read More

NextEnergy NXE 250 – 400 kVA

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HIGHLIGHTS • High efficiency up to 97% in double conversion• kW = kVA (pf 1) up to 40°C• Transformerfree UPS• High overload capacity• Interactive Touch Screen• Full front access, back to back install Next Energy is the latest UPS series designed for mission critical applications. The three phase … Read More

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