Power Quality Analysis

Armed with the best quality power quality analysis equipment.


PowerNETGuard software centralises UPS management using network interface (SNMP) communications.

Consultancy, Site Audits and Drawings
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We believe that it is crucial to work closely with our customers to understand their operational requirements.  A close assessment of the site enables us to gauge the client’s operational constraints, whilst always keeping an eye open for future growth. … Read More

Commissioning and Start-Up
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Our comprehensive commissioning service gives you the peace of mind of being sure that your system has been installed to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Our expert engineers will certify that the installation has been done correctly, in compliance with the necessary … Read More

Power Quality Analysis Services & Consultancy
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Armed with the best quality power quality analysis equipment, we cater for all services related to electrical power, such as inconsistent mains supply, flicker, voltage swells or dips, and harmonics, etc.  Our equipment can also be set to monitor and … Read More

Maintenance Agreements
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Constant Power Solutions  is proud to offer a full range of maintenance agreement packages to complement our products. These ensure that your equipment is serviced regularly and kept in good operating condition, whilst keeping within your pre-agreed budget, hence avoiding … Read More

Services – Installation
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A correctly designed Uninterruptible Power Supply installation will ensure that your critical systems run at peak performance for many years to come.  Our fully certified and qualified engineers have the experience to ensure that the installation is compliant with all … Read More

Power Factor Correction
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Whether you are interested in using a power factor to improve the current carrying capacity of your electrical installation, or wish to benefit from Enemalta’s preferential PFC Tariff*, Constant Power Solutions can assess your installation and specify the best type … Read More

Power Net Guard
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Supervision software PowerNETGuard software centralises UPS management using network interface (SNMP) communications. It is ideal for Data Centre managers and medium to large sized networks. PowerNETGuard uses the RFC1628 standard Management Information Base (MIB) and ensures standardised UPS management wherever … Read More