PLC protection

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Programmable Logic Controller ProtectorA fast-rising transient on AC power lines or data lines can upset systems logic – requiring costly shutdown to reset equipment. Replacing damaged controllers can sideline your operation indefinitely. Installed at the controller, MCG PLC-15A answers the need for compact,dependable protection in a hostile factory environment.

The PLC-15A installs easily in minutes and eliminates factory noise and transients appearing on the AC and data lines that feed the controller. LEDs monitor the power and data lines to assure proper operation.


Rugged protection for both AC power lines and data lines in one convenient unit.
Compact, space efficient, and easy to install – the PLC-15A offers quick, hardwired installation in locations where space is limited.
Sine Wave Tracking offers superior noise attenuation on the AC power line.
Fast clamping response. In less than one nanosecond, transients are intercepted and safely diverted to ground.