Eniscope 8 channel

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Energy is invisible, making it difficult to control.

The sad truth is we cannot manage what you cannot see!
Eniscope is a Real-time Energy Management System that is increasingly being used as a critical element of many robust energy management programmes because it makes this otherwise invisible energy now visible and thereby manageable.

Energy is an intrinsic part of everyday life… every product we purchase and consume and every lifestyle and business choice we make has energy-related financial and environmental implications, which we ignore at our peril.

By far the easiest and most cost effective way of increasing the available energy globally is to eliminate waste, which means that we must get more from less. The cheapest unit of electricity is the one you don’t squander.

Predictably, over 40% of the energy consumed in many facilities is needlessly wasted.


The benefits you could experience with Eniscope include:

  • Easily Identify Saving Opportunities of up to 40%
  • Expose Energy Abusing Equipment
  • Eliminate Out of Hours Waste
  • Prove the Efficacy and ROI of Energy Saving Products and Solutions
  • Engage Users and Improve Efficiencies with Real-time Energy Displays
  • Help to Target Continual Reductions With Historical Analysis Tools

Eniscope 8 channel meteringEniscope Hardware:

The hardware at the heart of the brilliant Eniscope solution is designed, manufactured and distributed exclusively by BEST.

Available in a number of convenient configurations the total Eniscope solution comprises of a bespoke communications ‘hub’ coupled to a number of highly accurate better than Class One Metering points.

Our out-of-the-box approach to Energy Management means you just open up your favourite web-browser and you can instantly navigate to any number of meters in your building.

With a tolerance of plus or minus one digit the Eniscope is more accurate than the standard grade revenue meters supplied by the utility companies. This means it can be used to check the accuracy of all your existing meters.

Our all-new, ground-breaking Eniscope has a number of bespoke features, which combine together to create the most powerful and sophisticated energy management hardware on the world market.

The flagship of the Eniscope range is the stunning new Eniscope Hybrid. An installation of a single 8 channel Eniscope Hybrid can ultimately provide:

  • Integral communications hub and web server
  • up to 8 individual 3-phase or
  • 24 single phase electricity metering points via 0.333mv CT’s
  • Ethernet connectivity
  • Remote or localised set up via PC or MAC
  • Compact footprint measuring only 200mm x 200mm x60mm
  • Easy installation with simple plug-in connectors
  • WIFI enabled communication
  • 3G enabled communication
  • Up to 8 additional pulse inputs (e.g. gas, water, oil etc.)
  • Modbus capability for multiple single phase metering points
  • Daisy-chain communication with 32 CUES or ACES Hybrid