• Category C: Service entrance, more severe environment: 10kV, 10kA surge.
  • Category B: Downstream, ¡Ý30 ft from category C, less severe environment: 6kV, 3kA surge.
  • Category A: Further downstream, ¡Ý60 ft from category C, least severe environment: 6kV, 0.5kA surge.


Lightning and power line surges can seriously damage or disrupt operations in hospitals, financial institutions, military installations, and other mission-critical activities. The Surge Free 402XT, MCG's flagship AC Power Line Main Service Panel Protector, through its extraordinary surge current diversion capability, protects your sensitive system from damaging transients, thus eliminating "downtime" and its associated financial and lost labor costs.

AC Power Line Protectors, range from full facility protectors at the main service panel (Ip-400kA) to branch and local panel protectors to compact 15A OEM protectors.

Data Line Protectors employ a three-stage heavy-duty hybrid protection circuit that is unique in the industry. This superior design blends high speed clamping with brute force diversion capability. They are offered in all popular voltages and connectors.

MCG's DC Protectors and Low Voltage Crowbars are manufactured to the highest standards and are widely used in military and custom applications.


MCG Surge Protection's goals are simple and straightforward:

  • Build high quality, dependable products
  • Provide excellent value for the money
  • Supply accurate information for customers to make an informed decision
  • Avoid puffing and promotion of spurious benefits
  • Stand behind their products with an extraordinary "no nonsense" warranty (Twenty-yr; lifetime on protection modules).
  • Before and after sale support from MCG staff. People, not voice mail, solve problems.

If you are already a customer, MCG appreciates your on-going support of MCG products. If not, the next time you are in the market for surge protectors, consider giving MCG Surge Protection the opportunity to show you what a company dedicated solely to surge protection can do for you.

Distribution Panel AC Surge Protector
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Features • I peak=120,000A/Phase (8×20μs waveform) • UL1449 4th Edition Listed • 2X redundant – two fused surge paths/phase • Remote 1 Form C relay contacts with status LED • Neutral to ground voltage monitor • Front panel protection status … Read More

Crowbar protection
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Voltage transients on a power supply bus result from excessive fluctuations in prime power source voltage, loss of integral voltage regulation, maladjustment, series regulator faults, etc. The new LVC Series sense when a DC over voltage occurs and switches rapidly … Read More

Surge protection – Data Line
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PoE / Ethernet Surge Protection • Power Over Ethernet Surge Protection• Hybrid GDT and Diode Technology• 10/100/1000 Mbps and Gigabit Compatible• Bi-Directional Protection• Shielded Enclosure and Connectors• DIN Rail Screw Lug and Flange Mount• 20 Year Warranty

DC Surge protection up to 200 kWatts
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MCG’s new Direct Current AEP-12 and AEP-24 protect sensitive electronics from damaging transients that occur in a battery/ alternator electrical system. Designed with high performance and safety standards in mind, the AEP protectors will withstand repetitive transients that occur on … Read More

DC Protection 160kA
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The DCP-90 is designed to protect DC powered equipment, such as inverters and charge controllers used in photovoltaic systems from damage caused by lightning. It utilizes high energy metal oxide varistors and specialized fuses optimized to conduct transient current without … Read More

DC Protection 4kA
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Direct current equipment level surge protectors are designed to protect up to 15A of continuous DC load current. The MCG-12A-MCG-130A installs at or within equipment such as DC servo mechanisms, fire alarm monitoring systems, security system controls, telecom and datacom systems, etc. … Read More

Distribution Panel AC Surge Protector
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Features I peak=120,000A/Phase (8×20μs waveform) UL1449 4th Edition Listed 2X redundant – two fused surge paths/phase Remote 1 Form C relay contacts with status LED Neutral to ground voltage monitor Front panel protection status LEDs Low profile design All modes … Read More

Phase surge protection
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The new SE series provides high current, industrial grade protection in a rugged, yet compact powder coated, steel enclosure. This ultra small series comes standard with the latest thermally protected protection components which are able to divert high repetitive surge currents. … Read More

All purpose Surge Protection
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The 80XT is a robust surge protector with a small footprint that is designed for use at ANSI/IEEE Category C, B, and A locations. The 80XT has double redundant protection paths on each phase to ensure continuity of protection in … Read More

PLC protection
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A fast-rising transient on AC power lines or data lines can upset systems logic – requiring costly shutdown to reset equipment. Replacing damaged controllers can sideline your operation indefinitely. Installed at the controller, MCG PLC-15A answers the need for compact,dependable … Read More

Branch Panel Protection
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The Models 160/120 offer formidable surge protection for applications that don’t require modular protection or extensive diagnostics. Elevators, motors, air-conditioners, generating equipment and other machinery will benefit from the protection supplied by these cost-effective protectors. High capability 40mm MOVs and … Read More