Multi Power 294 kVA

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42 kW – 1 MW + redundancy

Multi Power UPS

15-240 kW + redundancy
25-400 kW + redundancy
42-1008 kW + redundancy


  • Utmost availability
  • Ultimate scalability
  • Unmatched power density
  • Efficiency >96.6%
  • Multiple controls
  • Highly flexible
  • Advanced commands

Riello UPS MULTI POWER (MPW and MPX) is a three-phase uninterruptible power supply with a modular architecture, ON LINE Double Conversion type, with the possibility of redundant.

It delivers a rated power from 15 to 1176 kW and it is manufactured using specially-designed components and transformerless technologies that deliver exceptional efficiency up to 96.6%, and high power density in a compact footprint.

Modularity reduces the risk of wasteful oversizing at installation, while offering “pay as you grow” scalability when it’s time to expand, optimising initial investment and total cost of ownership (TCO).

It is designed to protect:

  • any critical high-density computer and IT environment
  • data centres
  • critical loads
UPS Malta Power Supply


Model informations

The device has a USB portUPS ready for use in smart gridsUPS classification Eco Level = 6Online UPS (Voltage Frequency Independent)UPS suitable for transport applications (railways, airports, naval)UPS suitable for data centre applications



Multipower UPS video